What is the Canadian Angus Foundation?

One of the important pieces of history for the Canadian Angus Association was the development of the Canadian Angus Foundation. The Canadian Angus Foundation was incorporated in 1993. The Foundation is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The main functions of the Foundation are to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research and historical preservation.

New Initiatives

The Canadian Angus Foundation has committed to “Building a Strong Foundation.” This is an initiative that will allow members to get involved and provide building blocks for the Foundation to grow and success with future projects.

Help Support the CAF

There are various ways that you can support the Foundation. It is with your help and care that the Foundation is able to offer different programs and CAA members from coast-to-coast, both breeders and supporters of the Canadian Angus cause, who donate and purchase in support of our Foundation and our national youth.

For more information about the Foundation and current projects, contact:

Belinda Wagner
Canadian Angus Foundation Executive Director
(306) 757-6133